Web 10.0: The Bush Administration in Anti-Virus form or A Gem Lost

More Visions about the Future of the Internet…

(all from Predictions Database

“The Internet will become infected by viruses and hackers, and there will be no secruity or privacy.

Anti-virus companies will create more viruses so they can sell their newest protections against them. Hackers will break through “secure” sites until nothing is secure or private.

Everything the internet was created to be will be lost, ruined by mankind – like most everything else we mess with.”

“Vision: Feeds give the user control over information flow, can be combined in many ways, and allow users to parse and filter information to suit their needs and desires. We’re only seeing the beginning of radical changes that will arise from the widespread use of feeds.”

“Nutshell: The internet is in its infancy – the big picture to me is we are inventing the closest thing to a human brain that we can.

Vision: We are in a sense trying to invent a collective human brain. It will be like Hal 9000 on steroids and coke in the very near future.”

“Nutshell: Artificially intelligent computers will eventually learn how to “steer” us on both of personal as well as political level.

Vision: By 2050, we’ll not only have computers that will be able to communicate intelligently, but they’ll be much more intelligent than we are, and they’ll be able to take part in thousands of “conversations” simultaneously, in different languages, and with people all around the globe. In so doing, they will amass a great deal of secondhand experience, learning about human nature and our many flaws. We’ll come to feel safe confessing our sins to these AIs, and like our closest friends, they may even give us some good advice.

AIs will inevitably learn the arts of rhetoric, and, being able to juggle reams of data, they’ll learn how to use statistics and targeted arguments to steer and manipulate us individually toward whatever ends they view to be self-beneficial.

In time, they will probably even control us, but during this interim, the Internet will become a great talking machine with a vast network of AIs at its heart.”

encompassing everything we spoke about in class? I think so…