Researching Online

Life On Screen by Sherry TurkleI love that we are able to access academic books so easily and so, well, Freely, now more than ever. Doing research for papers has always been a strain when working off campus. Mainly do to the fact that sources here in BC Canada are limited at public libraries and that QU Library still hasn’t sent me articles I requested months ago, several times… Anyway, enough whining – what I am glad about is the huge range of sources available on the Internet now. Yes, there has always been thousands of ‘articles’ but where they genuine? Were they worth reading/quoting/using as a source for a Graduate Paper? Now you can find reliable sources if you spend a bit more time. Sure, Quinnipiac Library Online Article Databases are good – but there are limits to what searches you can perform outside QU bounds as well as many of the articles I desire, are on QU Ref shelves that a librarian has to give you permission as well as manually must send them to you – still a faulty system but also a secure one. Living thousands of miles away from the school is my problem I guess. Okay I said enough complaining. So Professor Jordeno sent me a link to an Amazon “Search Inside Book”; Reading Digital Culture and It gave me two articles I could use for my paper. Upon that book I stumbled upon the other I posted above which is Turkle’s essays about the Computers Power over us. It is so true – and I am still reading through it but it is a book I should share. Well research is doing well – I almost feel I have many many articles and not enough paper to print them. Happy Writing!