Air Canada’s New Inflight Technology

Air Canada's InFlight Technolgoy

So you’re sifting through the travel aggregate sites trying to decide between Air Canada or West Jet.

Departure times are the same-ish, price is the same-ish, and West Jet looks to have a “fun” brand promise screaming: ‘We-are-a-small-local-company-with-our-clunky-website-go-ahead-you-can-trust-us!’  (I am sure that’s what they were going for).

Anyway, I am going to give you some advice–choose Air Canada.

While traveling to Calgary last month I had the pleasure of flying on Air Canada’s new Planes and the experience was wonderful.

I was very impressed by their new Inflight Technology. Having the ability to watch whatever movie or television show during the entire duration of travel easily takes the edge off flying. That, coupled with roomy new seats, sans the ashtrays that cut into your arms, left me in heaven. Sure the usability wasn’t perfect, but with options like Simpsons, Twilight and Family Guy the hour and a half just flew by (no pun intended). Also, rarely is the viewing interrupted, only briefly during takeoff, landing or captains announcements. Unfortunately the Internet Option was still a no-go but all-in-all I was pleasantly suprised.

Although WestJet has a similar Inflight entertainment model, it lacks choice and a majority of the programming costs money to view. And in this economy, who wants that!

It’s great to see Air Canada focused on innovation, especially if they wish to get out of their financial mess.