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User Research Skill Tree?: Career Progression Paths + Quiz

Four years ago, I was doing 2 things: playing the video game Far Cry 5 for an unhealthy amount of time and onboarding an intern into the world of user research. This gave me an idea, perhaps a Skill Tree would be a good way to communicate the different branches of our research world; and with this, one could, in… Read more →

2022 CHI-Lights, we’re [virtually] back

This year at CHI 2022 we (my awesome Data Cloud Research Teammates and I) presented a case study in the technical program and participated in a workshop.   Our Case Study Our case study is titled: The BLUE Framework: Designing User-Centered In-Product Feedback for Large-Scale Applications. Within the case study, we describe our process and lessons learned. In the end,… Read more →

Leveraging Business Intelligence Tools for UX Research

An invitation to experience BI tools for UXR Prior to my move over into the UXR world I primarily worked with ecommerce analytics on the daily. This had me utilizing tools such as Google Analytics (GA for those hip folks), Adobe Analytics (then known as Omniture) and a bunch of similar but now defunct tools (it was the late 2000’s). My world… Read more →

Into the BLUE (framework): Designing user centered in-product feedback

Based on lessons learned from developing feedback mechanisms for Azure Data, we created a framework, dubbed BLUE, for designing and implementing in-product feedback that supports the end-to-end design and implementation process. In-product feedback is a valuable tool for gaining insight into how users think and feel about a product or service. The key benefit is unlike simulated test environments (e.g. usability), users… Read more →

2019 Publications

This year I shared my work at both DIS 2019 (ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems) and CHI 2019 (ACM conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems). In late June, my work on Designing Mobile Presentation Apps for Teachers was presented at DIS 2019: View the paper from DIS 2019   And in early May, my work on Understanding Teacher… Read more →

CHI-Lights 2018!

Back at work after an inspiring #CHI2018 and armed with a slew of papers to share with the team. This year was one of the best CHI technical programs I’ve experienced. The level of research was simply impressive – congrats to the technical and conference chairs! Here are my top 10 13 CHI-lights for 2018! Christian Rudder’s (from OkCupid) Opening Plenary… Read more →