Vancouver’s F5 Expo: Refreshing Business Stratagies

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the F5 expo in Vancouver. The event is produced by Lindsay Smith, the CEO and founder of Massive Media Inc. A company usually synonymous with fun tech socials in Vancouver. The conceptual inspiration of expo is a play on “F5 key”, thus dubbed: Refreshing Business Strategies. Lindsay has always had a knack Read more →

Learning to Dance with the Hippo

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending VKI Studios 1st training session, in a series of 4, which focus on essential aspects of Internet Marketing. The training session I attended was “The Art and Science of Persuasive Web Design”, which takes a look at different persuasive methods, content techniques and examples of how they can be used online. Read more →

FarmVille CRAZY!!!

It was week and a half ago that I started to play FarmVille. After months of ignoring countless neighbor requests and telling people to stop posting about a lost cow–I converted. Since it was the holiday season, I quickly found out poinsettias would yield me the most experience and money, and so it began… Read more →