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Vancouver’s F5 Expo: Refreshing Business Stratagies

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the F5 expo in Vancouver. The event is produced by Lindsay Smith, the CEO and founder of Massive Media Inc. A company usually synonymous with fun tech socials in Vancouver. The conceptual inspiration of expo is a play on “F5 key”, thus dubbed: Refreshing Business Strategies. Lindsay has always had a knack Read more →

“YouTube Famous”

To quote Melissa, an ex-coworker of mine, I have just achieved “YouTube Fame”. This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the gold medal game of the Women’s Canada Cup. Sitting in my company’s fabulous season ticket seats for the Canucks, I not only caught a puck but was also able to capture great footage of the game. After posting… Read more →

How to Prepare for the Future of Search

SES San Jose 2009 Review: Morning Keynote: How to Prepare for the Future of Search Bright and early Thursday morning co-author of Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies, Charlene Li took to the stage to review her suggestions on how to prepare for the future of search. Starting with the past she showed the audience what Google… Read more →

Social Media – Managing Conversations

SES San Jose 2009 Review: Social Media – Managing Conversations & Reputations When the User is in Control After being jammed into the small conference room for the Google session: Analytics & Website Optmizer, I quickly exited before it even got started. Instead I wandered into the Social Media presentation down the hall. I was happy I did, as the… Read more →

Facebook Ads – Reaching Prospects Early

SES San Jose 2009 Review: Facebook Ads – Reaching Prospects Early in the Decision Making Process My second session was presented by well-spoken Sarah Smith, Manager of Online Sales Operations at Facebook. The Stanford grad reviewed ways to increase CTR as well as some of the current features Facebook offers. She outlined how Facebook advertising is quite different than search… Read more →

The King of Real-Time Search

When Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 the majority of online users didn’t turn to Google to find the latest news, they went to the micro-blogging site Twitter.
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