CSCW 2014 Baltimore: Tumblr Fandom Video

fandomsI am excited that my newest research on Tumblr fandoms has been accepted to CSCW 2014’s video proceedings. The study focuses on understanding Tumblr fandoms users, their culture and community. The full paper can be viewed here and the video here.

A growing trend is the participation in online fandom communities through the support of the blogging platform Tumblr. We investigated Tumblr fandom users’ motivations behind participating in fandoms, and how they interacted within the Tumblr community. Our results show that fandom users feel their Tumblr experience is ‘always-on’ where they participate at nearly any point in the day. They have also adopted a unique set of jargon and use of animated GIFs to match their desired fandom activities. Overall, our results show that Tumblr fandom users present a unique culture, much different from other social networking sites.

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