DIS & MobileHCI 2014: Summer Publications

This summer I will be attending both DIS 2014  (ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems) and MobileHCI 2014 (ACM conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services) to present some of my latest research. DIS is coming up soon, June 21-25th in Vancouver and Mobile HCI is September 23-27 in Toronto.

At DIS I will be presenting a full paper on Tumblr and the fandom user experience. This work was a side project I took on with a lab mate last year after a passionate discustion around Tumblr and its community at CHI 2014 in Paris. The result is a labor of love which involved us spending months analyzing Tumblr posts content and interviewing via instant message fandom members.  What emerged was a community was a colorful culture, which we report on. The full paper can be accessed here: alksjdf;lksfd: Tumblr and the Fandom User Experience. This paper is part of a larger project which has so far included a video (CSCW 2014) , and will also be presented at the HCI track at this years Grace Hopper Celebration.


At MobileHCI I will be presenting another full paper on Mobile Payment Systems in North America. This project is the final study of my thesis dissertation. The findings focus around key successes and challenges for users of mobile payment systems on smartphones in North America (Canada and the United States). This paper is also part of a larger project, which focused on ubiquitous types of commerce in North America. Other main publications have included full papers on mobile commerce and social commerce. To view the full paper click here: User Challenges and Successes with Mobile Payment Services in North America. This is the second time I will be attending MobileHCI. The first time was in San Francisco back in 2012 (see my blog post about it here and here).