Do you use a Mobile Payment Service? Or want to try one out?

We are looking for adults (19 and over) to participate in our study of how people use mobile payment services (ex. Google Wallet, Paypal Mobile, Square or apps such as MyStarbucks).

The ideal participant would either be a current user of, or want to try out mobile payment services such as Google Wallet, Paypal Mobile, Amazon Payments, or another mobile payment service.

Study Details: We are interested in understanding how people use mobile payment services and use this knowledge to improve  mobile payment services in the future. To be recruited for this study you must be 19 years of older. You should be comfortable describing details of how you use these services and the relationship you have with the companies you buy from. We will pay you $20 to participate in an interview (approximately 1 hour long).

For more information please contact me at: shillman[at]
To sign up please visit: