Donald A. Norman Critique

I was trying to put together my paper with a section on Donald A. Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things when I came across this review:

Dear Mr. Norman,

Judging from the fact that offered the two as a set, I bet they didn’t know, either, that The Design of Everyday Things is the same book as The Psychology of Everyday Things.

The Design of Everyday Things - AKA The Psychology of Everyday Things etc.

When I first picked up the books, presents for me since I had asked my son to get them for me in the U.S., I noticed puzzling similarities. It was only when I read the preface to The Design that I realized the two were identical. The statement about the identities is on the cover of The Design, but not large enough to really catch the average buyers’ eye.
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Happy Redesigning. (…)

It made me chuckle –  Artificial Intelligence at it’s finest.