Education Technology

Exploring Mixed-Reality TUI Manipulatives for K-5 Classrooms

Hillman, S., Duprat, M., Cargile, A., and Hillman, A.
Extended Proceedings of  ACM CHI Conference (2018), 6pgs.


Our research looks to understand how to best design manipulatives, within a mixed-reality (MR) system, for the classroom. This paper presents insights around how teachers currently use physical manipulatives in their classroom to inform future MR designs in the classroom. Manipulatives are physical objects used for teaching, examples include coins, blocks, puzzles markers etc. K-5 teachers have been using physical manipulatives to help illustrate abstract concepts for decades. Physical manipulatives have proven high value for students in the classroom [7] and their high level of adoption by grade school teachers makes them a potential candidate for introducing MR into the classroom. In this research, we use participatory design and interviews to identify teacher challenges with current physical manipulatives and explore potential design directions for MR manipulatives in the classroom. Our preliminary findings suggest that MR could help improve autonomy around student learning, and increase opportunity for collaboration between peers, as well as between teacher and student.