FarmVille CRAZY!!!

It was week and a half ago that I started to play FarmVille. After months of ignoring countless neighbor requests and telling people to stop posting about a lost cow–I converted.

Since it was the holiday season, I quickly found out poinsettias would yield me the most experience and money, and so it began…

After 12 hours I caught myself  subconsciously whistling the FarmVille theme in the locker room before I played hockey.

After 24 hours I yelled at my friend at hockey when she got a penalty “2 minutes for having such a nice farm” (Krista you really do have a nice farm).

After 7 days  I went to my mom’s in the rural part of Vancouver and started to notice everything that was like  FarmVille: The farm’s in Ladner with their red barns; My mom’s toilet paper holder with a chicken on it; The found cat at the doctors office that mysteriously looks like that grey tabby…

After 10 days I called my friend in a drunken stupor asking if she could harvest my crops because I was stuck at a bar. All I remember is yelling at her, “But they will wilt!”

Today, day 13, I bought a bumper sticker and mug with Farmville characters on it.

There is only one thing that could make Farmville better–besides not being in flash–if it stopped freezing–and having an iPhone app–if I could make a living virtually farming.

What if you took FarmVille, opened an online marketplace where farmers could trade real money for FarmVille dollars and gold? FarmVille could take a cut; they could easily reach Twitter media attention levels; participation would skyrocket and they could make more money then they already are now! Think about the possible headlines: “Economy sucks, but not on the e-Farm!”

Of course then we would have to evolve as an e-farmer and create bots to build and harvest for us. (Until we finally realize we are not actually creating anything). Then we will hear a tree fall in the woods even though we are not around and utopia will be formed and…