Meeting with UX Royalty and RVing in France

Back from an amazing time in France. What could be better than attending CHI and presenting to an auditorium filled with people you admire and look up to? Really the only answer is traveling around France in an RV for 10 days.

After a wonderful 5 days attending CHI 2013 in Paris and presenting my work on social commerce to people like:

Jakob Nielsen

Map of Our Journey

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I had the pleasure of traveling around France with my partner in an RV. It was nothing short of life changing. Experiencing places such as:

Juno Beach
Walking on Juno Beach
At Chateau Cheverny, engulfed in TinTin
Visting Mont Saint Michel


the Medieval Castle Carcassonne
and Lexi buying Carcassonne the game in Carcassonne.


Lexi killing a crab with a butter knife in an RV.

Our RV:

Our RV rented from Avis, on Omaha Beach


Top 10 of the Trip:

10. The infamous sticker of France

9. Jersey Shore in Dune du Pyla

8.  The Montreal Song

7. Lexi killing a crab (see above)

6. French Lady at Mont Saint Michel car camping site

5. Walking the river of ducks at Carcassonne

4. Pork (with herb de provence) and Cider (from Normandy) after Mont Saint Michel

3. The RV rental lady telling us, matter of factually, that unlike Canada, France does not have serial killers

2. Morning Run along Juno Beach – feeling Canadian Pride

1. Having the best co-pilot in the world!