First Player Shooters makes Rambo Movies their Bitch

This past week we focused on gaming. I am an avid afixianoto on Age of Mythology. I play games to releave stress. Many others do the same. I found myself outdating myself however when speaking of all the game systems I still own today. How owning a Nintendo 64 & a Sega Master System isn’t too cool anymore…

Yes I have PlayStation2. The second model. (the one after they realized their dvd playing capabilities ruined discs…) Gaming has come a long way. So much so it is hard to fathom playing my old games – but I still do from time to time to relax.

It shocked me about the “America’s Army” game:

“Q: What is the America’s Army game?
A: … an accurate portrayal of Soldier experiences ..

The America’s Army game provides civilians with an inside perspective and a virtual role in today’s premier land force: the U.S. Army. The game is designed to provide an accurate portrayal of Soldier experiences across a number of occupations. In the game, players will explore progressive individual and collective training events within the game. Once they successfully completed these events they will advance to multiplayer operations in small units.
(Last Updated: 2005-10-12)

Q: Why are you doing the game?
A: … it is part of the Army’s communications strategy…

The Army’s game is an entertaining way for young adults to explore the Army and its adventures and opportunities as a virtual Soldier. As such, it is part of the Army’s communications strategy designed to leverage the power of the Internet as a portal through which young adults can get a first hand look at what it is like to be a Soldier. The game introduces players to different Army schools, Army training, and life in the Army. Given the popularity of computer games and the ability of the Internet to deliver great content, a game was the perfect venue for highlighting different aspects of the Army. Firms such as Toyota have used games for this educational purpose with considerable success.
(Last Updated: 2003-08-21)

Q: Is this a recruiting tool?
A: … it provides young adults and their influence’s with virtual insights about the Army…

The game is designed to provide young adults and their influence’s with virtual insights into entry level Soldier training, training in units and Army operations so as to provide insights into what the Army is like. As in the past, the Army’s success in attracting high-potential young adults is essential to building the world’s premier land force. With the passage of time, elimination of the draft and reductions in the size of the Army have resulted in a marked decrease in the number of Americans who have served in the Army and from whom young adults can gain vicarious insights into the challenges and rewards of Soldiering and national service. Therefore, the game is designed to substitute virtual experiences for vicarious insights. It does this in an engaging format that takes advantage of young adults’ broad use of the Internet for research and communication and their interest in games for entertainment and exploration.
(Last Updated: 2003-08-21)” America’s Army

And also playing that game (which froze my computer more times than I care to mention) KUMA/WARwas awful.

I usually like first person shooters, but I guess the reality of it made me cringe. Isn’t that always the case? We push and push for everything to be “reality” but them vomit when our “dreams become reality”.