IIMA Event: Crossroads Between Social Media & SEO

Today’s IIMA event: The Crossroads Between Social Media & SEO, presented by Guacira Naves.
My live tweeting of the event:

(kinda awkward but start at the bottom)

#IIMA @onlinestrategy wrapping up. Great Job!
#IIMA Do a video sitemap!
#IIMA correction TubeMogul > http://www.tubemogul.com/
#IIMA use 2mobile(?) to distribute video via all distribution websites such as youtube, vimeo, blip etc.
#IIMA Wine break! Really the food at IIMA Events is awesome. Babybel, wine…
#IIMA Youtube & SEO: 425 million uniques a month. Develop videos based on the themes you are targeting.
#IIMA In Twitter Bio make sure you have your keywords and within some twitter updates.
#IIMA BING social is starting to recommend users on Twitter for your search item so you can follow them.
#IIMA Some evidence shows RT are a factor in Google results. (they give you juice)
#IIMA @onlinestrategy says FB has lots of restrictions so this will not happen.
#IIMA great question! Will iframes turn FB into Myspace-animated-gif-style?
#IIMA you are going to use – don don da… i-frames… What kinda hack developers are working at FB?
#IIMA as of 2011 you will no longer be able to use: FBML – unless you have it up by then it will be grandfathered in.
#IIMA but not like this “Vancouver Canucks Tickets for Canucks Tickets Fan with highlights from Vancouver Canucks Ticket holders.” 😉
#IIMA make sure you add your keywords to your about section of your FB page and make sure your default tab has keyword rich content.
#IIMA each page that someone likes will become a facebook page via open graph: http://tiny.cc/lyw0j
#IIMA BING will soon be showing Facebook statuses soon.
#iima 2.7% of all search’s where in Facebook.
#IIMA use trending topics to try and rank well for long tail keywords.
#IIMA Blog posts are also good for long-tail keywords. Extra traffic!
#IIMA @onlinestrategy – says sub-domain or sub-folder does not matter for SEO. Hmmm…
#IIMA question: advice on how to integrate blog into website
#IIMA Google loves blogs. Capitalize on keyword research to integrate these words.
#IIMA How to integrate SEO with Social. Throwback to Keyword research.
#IIMA Twitter gets 600 million queries a day. Remember that when you want to interact with those looking for your product.
#iima Average user spends 7hrs on FB a month – think how important that can be to your brand.
#IIMA March 2010 Facebook is the most visited site since March 2010 – Google 🙁
#IIMA  2mm sites use the “like” button. There is more to life then google. (WAHH!) 😉 Traffic to social networks can not be ignored.
#IIMA Mention of Facebook changes announced today: data from likes & profile will start appearing on BING.
#IIMA quick intro of @onlinestrategy – 12 years in the business. Mention of topics we will be covering, Twitter, Facebook, PPC, Youtube.
#IIMA event underway… Crossroads Between Social Media and SEO —  no mention of Britney Spears yet!