My Dog’s Facebook Profile Got Shut Down

Just a quick service announcement:

Within moments of his status update which included the word “bitch”, Piddles was found Facebook-less. His profile was down only for a couple minutes but it seems Facebook is cracking down on swearing. Thankfully he was back and running promptly when they read his post and realized he was actually referring to a female dog he had met earlier that day at the vet.

With a little Googling it seems piddles was not the only victim.

This phenomenon is allegedly new, based on a couple of my friends comments:

But I used to swear on my Facebook status all the time…

Tisk-Tisk Facebook, you’re putting the final nail in your own coffin. Censorship kills creativity and eventually any online application – no matter its Titanic appearance.

This stinks of concerned parents somewhere in the midwest.

At least Tom will be happy.

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