Random Book Review: Alison Bechdel

I just finished reading Alison Bechdel‘s  The Essential Dykes to watch out for. The book is  a collection of her comic strip soup opera spanning the last two decades. Although I personally found it less engaging then her New York TimesBest Seller  Fun Home, I was very impressed by the continual reference to technology, specifically the internet and how it influenced the characters through their lives.

For those of you not familiar with Alison Bechdel’s work her comics are  emotionally raw and nothing short of awe inspiriting. In Fun Home she successfully manipulates the time-line taking the story to another level. I am by no means a book critic or even a writing enthusiast, but I feel quite confident in recommending anything this lady touches.

In The Essential Dykes to watch out for, Alison instinctively captures how technology has affected everyone in the last decade, from web-savvy to everyday citizen. Whether the married lesbian couple are concerned with their childs exposure to video game violence, or the lead charcter is being “cyber-cheated” on by her girlfriend, this comic reaks of accuracy.  I felt extremley conected to these charcters based on their realistic technology experiences and I love the end comics when they are discussing the democratic primary.


Great read!