SEO – The Creative Approach

Trojan Horse 2.0

Beyond the forums and keyword-stuffed SEO websites, lies unprecedented amounts of good information about SEO. Quality resources such as or Intrapromote’s blog SEO Speedwagon can provide any company with enough information on SEO to achieve relatively decent success. But why do they just give this information away? As my boss would say: “It’s a Trojan horse–and not of the virus kind.”  These companies are giving you a gift–like a Trojan horse–to educate you on how much you need them–or infiltrate your defenses.

After learning SEO basics, companies tend to realize two things:
1) How much control they could really have over SERPS and the potential behind them;
2) Speaking to a real person to help with the implementation along with the ability to answer specific questions, is priceless.

Going from SEO concepts to reality is an art and the more experience you have the easier it is to get your creative juices flowing. The question is not only what should we do, but how should we do it. The main key to a strong SEO strategy is how you utilize your assets, your industry’s assets and your market’s assets, to create a mass cornucopia of links.