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Donald A. Norman Critique

I was trying to put together my paper with a section on Donald A. Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things when I came across this review: Dear Mr. Norman, Judging from the fact that Amazon.com offered the two as a set, I bet they didn’t know, either, that The Design of Everyday Things is the same book as The Psychology… Read more →

Computer Generated Eye Tracking using Artificial Intelligence

This is cool. One of my final project ideas for my Artificial Intelligence class was to recreate expensive and cumbersome human eye tracking with Artificial Intelligence, specifically a Neural Network. Much to my chagrin, with a little Googling I find out it has already been done and done quite well: Read more →

Genetic Algorithms and Cloning

Wired Magazine published an interesting article this month focused around embracing human cloning. The writer, Greg Easterbrook, argues cloning is actually quite natural. He states; “Nature wants us to pass on our genes; if cloning assists in that effort, nature would not be offended… there is nothing intrinsically unnatural about human inventions that improve reproductive odds.” Read more →

The King of Real-Time Search

When Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 the majority of online users didn’t turn to Google to find the latest news, they went to the micro-blogging site Twitter.
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Web 10.0: The Bush Administration in Anti-Virus form or A Gem Lost

More Visions about the Future of the Internet… (all from Predictions Database “The Internet will become infected by viruses and hackers, and there will be no secruity or privacy. Anti-virus companies will create more viruses so they can sell their newest protections against them. Hackers will break through “secure” sites until nothing is secure or private. Everything the internet was… Read more →

Artificial Intelligence versus Human Intelligence

I am perusing the web right now, and stumbled upon an article written in 1997 entitled, “When will computer hardware match the human brain?” According to its Abstract: “This paper describes how the performance of AI machines tends to improve at the same pace that AI researchers get access to faster hardware. The processing power and memory capacity necessary to… Read more →