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Leveraging Community to Build your Brand

IMC 2010 Session Recap: Leverage the Power of the Community to Build your Brand Presented by: Nathalie Baudoin How, on behalf of the community, can we create a strong brand? MEC Background: Conceived by a small group of Canadian climbers in 1971 in Vancouver Today the largest outdoor community in Canada 14 stores 3.2 million membership 1500 staff 1 million online… Read more →

Vancouver’s F5 Expo: Refreshing Business Stratagies

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the F5 expo in Vancouver. The event is produced by Lindsay Smith, the CEO and founder of Massive Media Inc. A company usually synonymous with fun tech socials in Vancouver. The conceptual inspiration of expo is a play on “F5 key”, thus dubbed: Refreshing Business Strategies. Lindsay has always had a knack Read more →

Air Canada’s New Inflight Technology

So you’re sifting through the travel aggregate sites trying to decide between Air Canada or West Jet. Departure times are the same-ish, price is the same-ish, and West Jet looks to have a “fun” brand promise screaming: ‘We-are-a-small-local-company-with-our-clunky-website-go-ahead-you-can-trust-us!’  (I am sure that’s what they were going for). Anyway, I am going to give you some advice–choose Air Canada. While traveling… Read more →