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Evolution of Search and Why We Should Care

IMC 2010 Session Recap: Evolution of Search and Why We Should Care! Presented by: Maryam Mahdavi Maryam has a strong background in computer science and this is her first talk at a Marketing Conference. She asks the audience what does search mean to you? Google… or Bing or other search engines on how to use for marketing Search is a… Read more →

IMC Vancouver 2010: The Line-up!

With just over a month away, IMC Vancouver 2010 is just finalizing the last speakers/presenters. The event seems to be forming as an IMC highlight event with its “crazy strong” line-up including a keynote address from illustrious Guy Kawasaki. IMC reports the keynote and focus of the conference will be “Simple Marketing”. Read more →

Learning to Dance with the Hippo

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending VKI Studios 1st training session, in a series of 4, which focus on essential aspects of Internet Marketing. The training session I attended was “The Art and Science of Persuasive Web Design”, which takes a look at different persuasive methods, content techniques and examples of how they can be used online. Read more →