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Rockmelt: Browser-Integration Awesomeness

I was watching a webinar on BI in the New World, by Jaspersoft, when the host mentioned a new browser which he claimed uniquely meets the needs of wired users of today. Rockmelt –  check out the interface (click to enlarge): Everything on one-screen = complete awesomeness. I just wish I could also put Skype on it. It has the… Read more →

IIMA Event: Crossroads Between Social Media & SEO

Today’s IIMA event: The Crossroads Between Social Media & SEO, presented by Guacira Naves. My live tweeting of the event: (kinda awkward but start at the bottom) #IIMA @onlinestrategy wrapping up. Great Job! #IIMA Do a video sitemap! #IIMA correction TubeMogul > http://www.tubemogul.com/ #IIMA use 2mobile(?) to distribute video via all distribution websites such as youtube, vimeo, blip etc. #IIMA… Read more →

Leveraging Community to Build your Brand

IMC 2010 Session Recap: Leverage the Power of the Community to Build your Brand Presented by: Nathalie Baudoin How, on behalf of the community, can we create a strong brand? MEC Background: Conceived by a small group of Canadian climbers in 1971 in Vancouver Today the largest outdoor community in Canada 14 stores 3.2 million membership 1500 staff 1 million online… Read more →

Evolution of Search and Why We Should Care

IMC 2010 Session Recap: Evolution of Search and Why We Should Care! Presented by: Maryam Mahdavi Maryam has a strong background in computer science and this is her first talk at a Marketing Conference. She asks the audience what does search mean to you? Google… or Bing or other search engines on how to use for marketing Search is a… Read more →

FarmVille CRAZY!!!

It was week and a half ago that I started to play FarmVille. After months of ignoring countless neighbor requests and telling people to stop posting about a lost cow–I converted. Since it was the holiday season, I quickly found out poinsettias would yield me the most experience and money, and so it began… Read more →

Facebook Ads – Reaching Prospects Early

SES San Jose 2009 Review: Facebook Ads – Reaching Prospects Early in the Decision Making Process My second session was presented by well-spoken Sarah Smith, Manager of Online Sales Operations at Facebook. The Stanford grad reviewed ways to increase CTR as well as some of the current features Facebook offers. She outlined how Facebook advertising is quite different than search… Read more →