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F5 Expo: Cloud Computing Session

The cloud computing session included the following panelists: Howie Wu, Co-Founder and CEO at LayerBoom Systems Mark Cunningham, Co-Founder and CEO at Indicee Ryan Storgaard, Director of Cloud Computing Services Strategy at Microsoft  – no link required 😉 The first question posed by the moderator, Rajan Sodhi, VP Marketing at Peer 1, was “What is cloud computing?” Read more →

Air Canada’s New Inflight Technology

So you’re sifting through the travel aggregate sites trying to decide between Air Canada or West Jet. Departure times are the same-ish, price is the same-ish, and West Jet looks to have a “fun” brand promise screaming: ‘We-are-a-small-local-company-with-our-clunky-website-go-ahead-you-can-trust-us!’  (I am sure that’s what they were going for). Anyway, I am going to give you some advice–choose Air Canada. While traveling… Read more →

Random Book Review: Alison Bechdel

I just finished reading Alison Bechdel‘s  The Essential Dykes to watch out for. The book is  a collection of her comic strip soup opera spanning the last two decades. Although I personally found it less engaging then her New York TimesBest Seller  Fun Home, I was very impressed by the continual reference to technology, specifically the internet and how it… Read more →

The Biggest Fish in the Pond

“There are official searchers, inquisitors…” I really enjoyed Mary Flanagan’s [search] project this week. http://www.maryflanagan.com/search.htm “Information technology has become an indispensable element in communication, play, and work. For example, a recent study shows that a typical office worker relies more on e-mail communication than face-to-face contact to share knowledge.(2) Almost every computer user relies upon Internet search engines to gather… Read more →

Our Technology Dependence

Machine’s have been altering the way in which we live for centuries. I have found an activity called Technology at Home on pbs’ website where you can partake in an activity that helps you realize: “How much time do you spend at your computer? How about listening to CDs or the radio? Watching TV? When was the last time you… Read more →