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2.0 Killed the Print Star

As more and more publications whose business module is driven by print advertising  hit the skids–I can’t help but think–who still advertises in print? But that’s old news. The last proverbial nail-in-the-coffin has to be print mediums last ditch attempt to enter the web-space:  static banner ads, $25/CPM,  repurposed rate cards  and New Media Sales Reps. Publishers should have learned the lesson the first time. Repurposed… Read more →

Teens Relying more on Interactive Communications to engage with Society

Homosexuality and Interactive Communications: Teens Relying more on Interactive Communication?? Well the title needs a lot of work as does my research – but here are some links I can’t misplace for now. I am still fighting with this topic to make it more, well, an Interactive Communications final paper for Graduate School. This is going to be tricky… Links:… Read more →

The Future of the Internet… Dunt Dunt Duh

A vision for the future Name: Kim Vonder Haar From: Canada Bio: User Interface Designer (Nortel, Xandros) MSc Cognitive Science Area of Expertise: Research Scientist/Illuminator Topic: Getting, Sharing Information Headline: The Orchestration Age Erupts Nutshell: This era will usher in extraordinary demands for new means and methods of expression, interaction and communication. It will forge entirely new types of thinkers,… Read more →