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F5 Expo: Cloud Computing Session

The cloud computing session included the following panelists: Howie Wu, Co-Founder and CEO at LayerBoom Systems Mark Cunningham, Co-Founder and CEO at Indicee Ryan Storgaard, Director of Cloud Computing Services Strategy at Microsoft  – no link required 😉 The first question posed by the moderator, Rajan Sodhi, VP Marketing at Peer 1, was “What is cloud computing?” Read more →

Vancouver’s F5 Expo: Refreshing Business Stratagies

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the F5 expo in Vancouver. The event is produced by Lindsay Smith, the CEO and founder of Massive Media Inc. A company usually synonymous with fun tech socials in Vancouver. The conceptual inspiration of expo is a play on “F5 key”, thus dubbed: Refreshing Business Strategies. Lindsay has always had a knack Read more →

The Panic to Monetize Social Media

While on the hunt to find ways to add to my company’s profile on LinkedIn I noticed a new link in the top right hand corner:  “Interested in a premium account profile?”–why I might just be. After scanning a few “quick PDF’s” on what the premium account is I was confused more then ever, so I just filled out the… Read more →

First Player Shooters makes Rambo Movies their Bitch

This past week we focused on gaming. I am an avid afixianoto on Age of Mythology. I play games to releave stress. Many others do the same. I found myself outdating myself however when speaking of all the game systems I still own today. How owning a Nintendo 64 & a Sega Master System isn’t too cool anymore… Yes I… Read more →