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DIS & MobileHCI 2014: Summer Publications

This summer I will be attending both DIS 2014 ¬†(ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems) and MobileHCI 2014 (ACM conference¬†on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services) to present some of my latest research. DIS is coming up soon, June 21-25th in Vancouver and Mobile HCI is September 23-27 in Toronto. At DIS I will be presenting a full paper… Read more →

Mobile HCI 2012 – Review

I just recently had the pleasure of attending Mobile HCI 2012 in San Francisco. It was a week of firsts for me – first time in San Francisco, first presentation of a full paper and first academic workshop. I was pleasantly surprised by the conference. My only other academic conference experience has been CHI 2011 and CHI 2012, and I… Read more →