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The Panic to Monetize Social Media

While on the hunt to find ways to add to my company’s profile on LinkedIn I noticed a new link in the top right hand corner:  “Interested in a premium account profile?”–why I might just be. After scanning a few “quick PDF’s” on what the premium account is I was confused more then ever, so I just filled out the… Read more →

SEO – The Creative Approach

Beyond the forums and keyword-stuffed SEO websites, lies unprecedented amounts of good information about SEO. Quality resources such as BruceClay.com or Intrapromote’s blog SEO Speedwagon can provide any company with enough information on SEO to achieve relatively decent success. But why do they just give this information away? As my boss would say: “It’s a Trojan horse–and not of the… Read more →

The Biggest Fish in the Pond

“There are official searchers, inquisitors…” I really enjoyed Mary Flanagan’s [search] project this week. http://www.maryflanagan.com/search.htm “Information technology has become an indispensable element in communication, play, and work. For example, a recent study shows that a typical office worker relies more on e-mail communication than face-to-face contact to share knowledge.(2) Almost every computer user relies upon Internet search engines to gather… Read more →