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Links that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmm about Censorship, Surveillance and some other pertinent information

Internet Censorship/ICE Citizen Lab “The Internet Censorship Explorer (ICE) is a blog maintained by the Citizen Lab’s technical research director, Nart Villeneuve. ICE is an incubator where Nart explores the politics of technology (hacktivism, infowar/cyberterrorism and Internet filtering), develops ideas for future Citizen Lab projects, posts proof of concept code and any other snippets of raw data that don’t really… Read more →

Surveillance Pre and Post 9/11

My last contribution to this weeks discussion of surveillance pre and post 9/11. Fishing Expedition The administration has cast too wide — and too haphazard — a net in trying to nab terrorists. By Alex Gourevitch Web Exclusive: 06.26.03 The last few months have not been kind to those charged with carrying out the Bush administration’s war on terrorism. Bush’s… Read more →

Price Freedom?

How Big Brother Is Watching, Listening and Misusing Information About You By TERESA HAMPTON & DOUG THOMPSON You’re on your way to work in the morning and place a call on your wireless phone. As your call is relayed by the wireless tower, it is also relayed by another series of towers to a microwave antenna on top of Mount… Read more →

Bush Administration – worst nosey neighbors ever

There is a push after 9/11 to justify domestic spying and to overturn the efforts of the civil rights movement in protecting U.S. citizens from abusive government. A troubling aspect about this debate is that the 9/11 tragedy was executed by non-U.S. citizens. So even if you do concede that spying on U.S. citizens may be justified under certain circumstances,… Read more →