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Do Our Websites Need to be More Snackable?

Last Wednesday’s SIAT Research Colloquium was presented by Dr. Drew Davidson, from the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. He reviewed concepts around video games in a world without secrets and snackable gaming; what these theories mean in terms of the design of a game and game-play mechanics. Dr. Davidson explains the term snackability, first coined around the concept… Read more →

Evolution of Search and Why We Should Care

IMC 2010 Session Recap: Evolution of Search and Why We Should Care! Presented by: Maryam Mahdavi Maryam has a strong background in computer science and this is her first talk at a Marketing Conference. She asks the audience what does search mean to you? Google… or Bing or other search engines on how to use for marketing Search is a… Read more →

IMC Vancouver 2010: The Line-up!

With just over a month away, IMC Vancouver 2010 is just finalizing the last speakers/presenters. The event seems to be forming as an IMC highlight event with its “crazy strong” line-up including a keynote address from illustrious Guy Kawasaki. IMC reports the keynote and focus of the conference will be “Simple Marketing”. Read more →

Recommendation: iPadPeek.com

ipadpeek.com is great resource which allows you to check out the compatibility of your website on the iPad. It really proved to be the saving grace when I had an affiliate report our rich media ads were looking a little wonky. Check it out: http://ipadpeek.com/ Read more →

Defending the Userverse with a Little Bit-o-Java

Just finished up my newest creation: Usability Defender V.1. The application is built in Processing and is a usability video game with the goal of teaching the user basic web usability (yeah it’s a little tongue-in-cheek). All the concepts are based on Jakob Nielsen’s past research and the game is sort of a Galaga/Centipede mash-up. Read more →

Top 3 Resources for Internet Marketing News

1. Search Engine Strategies Magazine Every year Search Engine Strategies, the leading global conference and expo series, produces nine yearly issues  of the SES Magazine with exclusive articles, event previews, and interviews specifically focused on search marketing and commerce. This magazine is an absolute must read for anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with the digital marketing world.  Read more →