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Social Media – Managing Conversations

SES San Jose 2009 Review: Social Media – Managing Conversations & Reputations When the User is in Control After being jammed into the small conference room for the Google session: Analytics & Website Optmizer, I quickly exited before it even got started. Instead I wandered into the Social Media presentation down the hall. I was happy I did, as the… Read more →

The King of Real-Time Search

When Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 the majority of online users didn’t turn to Google to find the latest news, they went to the micro-blogging site Twitter.
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The Panic to Monetize Social Media

While on the hunt to find ways to add to my company’s profile on LinkedIn I noticed a new link in the top right hand corner:  “Interested in a premium account profile?”–why I might just be. After scanning a few “quick PDF’s” on what the premium account is I was confused more then ever, so I just filled out the… Read more →

My Dog’s Facebook Profile Got Shut Down

Just a quick service announcement: Within moments of his status update which included the word “bitch”, Piddles was found Facebook-less. His profile was down only for a couple minutes but it seems Facebook is cracking down on swearing. Thankfully he was back and running promptly when they read his post and realized he was actually referring to a female dog… Read more →