Top 3 Resources for Internet Marketing News

1. Search Engine Strategies Magazine

Every year Search Engine Strategies, the leading global conference and expo series, produces nine yearly issues  of the SES Magazine with exclusive articles, event previews, and interviews specifically focused on search marketing and commerce. This magazine is an absolute must read for anyone interested in keeping up-to-date with the digital marketing world. The main reason this is my top pick-they do an excellent job of sorting through the mass amount of information and only report on the must-haves: an absolute necessity for working professionals. You can sign up for your free copy here: Search Engine Strategies Magazine

  • Pros: Free, Tangible format (print), great articles, condensed information
  • Cons: A little too “advertisey” at times, cycle of news is at the minimum monthly

2. WebProNews

The well known WebProNews portal is a great source for everything going on in search and technology. If you have time to read it daily you will surely impress your friends at the water cooler with up to the minute breaking news.  Check out WebProNews.

  • Pros: Expert Opinions, diverse RSS options to pin down your area of interest
  • Cons: Usability on newsletter is quite frustrating, very ad heavy, sometimes overwhelming amounts of information

3. Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen’s

An oldy but a goody. Dr. Jakob Nielsen’s website mixes traditional e-newsletter format with an academic twist (actually more like an academic paper with an e-newsletter twist).  All reports published follow the scientific method and presents you with the most accurate findings on the web (not surprising from a Doctor). is also great for viewing old usability and commerce trends since the mid 90’s. Check out the Doc’s site and/or sign up for his e-newsletter.

  • Pros: Great legacy information, expert research, old research topics are frequently revisited
  • Cons: Few posts (about 2 a month)