UX Magazine Publication

My work in mobile commerce trust and social behaviours has been published in Usability Professionals Association’s UX Magazine. The article reviews an empirical diary study published in September of this year. The magazine is published four times a year and this Volume 11, Issue 4 focused on Trust and the User. The publication is view-able here.

In this issue featured articles included:

    • Trusting Inaccurate Systems: Both Technological and Human
      By Aisling O’Kane, Christian Detweiler, and Alina Pommeranz
    • Trust in Mobile Shopping: An Empirical Study
      By Serena Hillman and Carman Neustaedter

  • Beyond Global: Exploring the Regional UX Opportunity
    By Yu-Hsiu Li
  • Gaining User TrustResearch and a Secret
    By Chris Nodder
  • QR Codes: Don’t Hide the Magic
    By Mick Winter
  • A Unique Approach to Software Usability: What’s In It for Your Development Team
    By Lynne Martin
  • “Do you trust me enough to answer this question?” Trust and Data Quality
    By Caroline Jarrett
  • Should We Condut this Usability Study? Ethics Considerations in Evaluations
    By Sarah J. Swierenga, Ph.D. and Graham L. Pierce


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