Why Mac Sucks

**** March 29, 2010: Update:

Love it: Sheldon’s thoughts on a Mac “Genius”

***April 30, 2009: Update: At least Apple knows they need to have more control so they advance quicker and in a new directions.

**April 29, 2009
God I hate Macs.

Every once and awhile (like last week) my PC goes on the fritz and I am forced to use my Mac.
They are clunky-slow-and-stupid cloverleaf-right-click which easily drags my productivity into the negative.

After grumbling to myself for the past week it prompted me to do a little research and low and behold I am not alone. Here is a great video:

“I don’t feel like I am operating a Mac so much as I am just there sharing the Mac experience and if I can do something useful while the Mac is willing, so much the better.”

Top 10 Mac Mistakes by Macsux.net

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