Acceptance! MobileHCI 2012

Very proud to report that my full paper on Soft Trust and mCommerce Shopping Behaviours has been accepted to MobileHCI 2012. The conference boasts a 25% acceptance rate and will be held in San Francisco this year at the Westin St. Francis, September 21st to 24th.

Here is a quick description of the paper:

Our study explores typical mCommerce routines and behaviours along with issues of soft trust, given its long-term concern for eCommerce. Our results describe spontaneous purchasing and routine shopping behaviours where people gravitate to their mobile device even if a computer is nearby. We found that participants faced few trust issues because they had limited access to unknown companies. In addition, app marketplaces and recommendations from friends offered a form of brand protection. These findings suggest that companies can decrease trust issues by tying mCommerce designs to friend networks and known marketplaces. The caveat for shoppers however, is that they can be easily lured into a potentially false sense of trust.

Read the full MobileHCI 2012 paper on Soft Trust and mCommerce Shopping Behaviours.